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Short term rental and housing for the health care professional community

Rent with Rez

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About Us

Rent with Rez is an application to be built specifically for healthcare professionals to rent with healthcare professionals (medical students, nursing students, physician assistants, physicians and nurses).

Why is this important? Currently there are few sources for short term rental options, and at that none are catered to the medical community. Creating a safe and affordable network for the international medical community serves to assist students as well as seasoned health care professionals in providing additional sources of income as well as the assurance of understanding and respect for their property from fellow international colleagues.

Additionally, creating such a network allows for further networking within the medical community outside of the work environment; students especially have the opportunity to give a potential good impression of their character outside of the institution - and in this industry, comments of recommendation are lasting. Assurance: We plan to be a competitive short term rental resource that is secure, trustworthy and exclusively made for our international medical community by our international medical colleagues as their source for fit living accommodations at any level of training.